A Dose of the Dailies

Really? This again? Didn't I just clear this out a minute ago?

     The "dailies" have been dragging me down.

     Nothing is particularly wrong. No major mishaps have occurred. No one is wildly out of line. Things have been fine.

     But the dailies get to me sometimes. The making of meals. The cleaning up from meals made and eaten. Wiping grubby hands and faces. Diapers. School work with the kids. Crumb and finger print eradication. Diapers. Listening to endless chatter when I could use a minute of quiet. Responding to "Look Momma!" a million times with an interested smile. Diapers. Laundry. Trying to workout for five minutes without being derailed by someone who needs something. Diapers. Putting the baby to sleep. Reminding loud kids about the sleeping baby. Minor attitude adjustment reminders. Teeth brushing. Baths. Midnight diapers.

     None of these things is unreasonable. It is all a very usual part of having a family. But I still feel unexplainably muddled. I can't put a name to the feeling(s). 

     Highs and lows are easy to put feeling names to. In the highs we feel happy, excited, giddy. In the lows you can identify anger, frustration, sadness. But the middle feelings are so nondescript and hard to put a definitive label to. 

     That's where I am. In the middle. With a whole bunch of emotions. I am exhausted yet restless. Overextended but still bored. Numb and agitated at the same time. 

      I do not have a scientific or specific name for these feelings. I have decided to call them the "dailies". They strike sometimes when I am going about my daily routine. I am fairly sure the cause is repeating necessary but mundane tasks day after day. I am not sure how to prevent them. I am nearly certain that they are inevitable. I do not have a surefire cure. Different things work each time they flare up.

     Today I swapped my morning cuppa joe for a tall lemon water. I got a good book and took five minutes (literally five minutes was all I could eke out) to disappear into it's pages. I took a big whiff of my baby when he was fresh out of the bath. I hugged more. I organized a messy drawer that had been bothering me. I wore a super brightly colored top. And with each little adjustment, I saw that my joy and peace has been here all along. It never does go anywhere. It just gets a little bogged down and harder to see sometimes.

      Feeling the dailies is normal. But don't let your dailies stick around and take over. A dose of the dailies can become weeklies, yearlies, your life. Make small adjustments. Find what works for your present moment. Don't wait. Do something small. Do something big. Just do something. Even if that something is simply taking three minutes to be still and quiet and centered. 

     Don't fear the dailies. 
They happen. 
But don't let the dailies make you miss the joy that is present all around you 
every single day


  1. The "dailies"..good way to sum it up. My little something has been a 20 minute walk every morning. Enjoy the cool fresh air.

  2. Fresh air is great for the mind and body. Good for you Kelley! I should get out and walk more.


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