What I find appealing about God is understanding what He finds appealing about me. And what He finds appealing about me is my brokenness.

     Sometimes I feel like nothing but cracks and pieces. A big pile of hurt, guilt, anger, frustration, and sadness. Its brokenness.

     God's power is made perfect in our weakness (2 Cor 12:9). 

     In my brokenness I do have cracks. But cracks are good for letting God in and letting things out that stand between us. Cracks are also good for letting others have a peek at the work being done inside my heart. 

     In my brokenness I do go to pieces. But being in pieces allows God to put me back together the way He intended me to be rather than what I have made myself into.

     We need to live in victory as well. God does not intend for us to remain stagnant in defeat. That would be akin to giving up. But finding renewal in brokenness is beautiful.

     Mark 14:3, The alabaster box of oil had to be broken to be most useful. Holding onto the perfection of the box made its contents useless. There was blessing in the brokenness of it.

     When I am broken, I feel God most strongly. When I am broken and He is entering my heart, I feel that He is even closer to me than my next breath. 

     Don't be afraid of having cracks and pieces. God is looking for hearts stretched beyond their own means. Hearts looking for redemption. He finds that in the broken.