Don't Ask Unless You Really Want To Know

     When you ask someone who has children how they are, chances are they will tell you about their lack of sleep, abundance of messy chaos, inability to think complete thoughts, over stressed schedules, non existent personal time, loss of romance, annoyances, crushing responsibilities, etc. And you might begin to wonder if having and raising children is just one miserable experience after another.

     But it is not.

     Even though the negatives are what you will so often hear (and they are usually brutal and true), there are multitudes of heart rendingly sweet things. It's just easier to mention the hard things because how can you express the joyful/miraculous emotions that wash over you?

     What words do you give for the tight squeeze in your heart when your baby looks into your eyes and smiles just for you? Or how much you love your significant other when you see them being so gentle and tender with tiny people? Or how encouraging it is to see how strong and compassionate they are with the older kids? Or what it does to you to see the rubby-eyed-just-woke-up faces of your little cherubs? Or how you just swell with good feelings when one of your kids accomplishes something? Or the laughter that takes over watching their silly antics and hearing their kiddie conversation?

     So many things make parenthood a nightmare. But an even greater number of things make parenthood more beautiful than words can describe.