Mommy, Remember...Mind Is the Master

Mind is the master power that molds and makes
And (wo)man is Mind and evermore (s)he takes
The tool of Thought and, shaping what (s)he wills
Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills.
(S)he thinks in secret, and it comes to pass:
Environment is but (her) looking glass.

~James Allen

     So beautifully and aptly written.

     Our minds are the key. The question and the anwer. The problem and the solution. The whole shebang.

     Cut to: A Day in the Life. Every kid in the house has an urgent need every other minute. The baby is bawling for reasons you are unsure of. The dog is barking incessantly. You need to use the potty desperately. Everyone who is too short to reach the clothes in their closet is still in their pjs. You are too. You are not exactly sure if you brushed your teeth this morning but forget to give it another thought. School work is not being finished the way you hoped it would. The house is in shambles. Lunch is burning. Someone has the nerve to ask what is for dinner. You have no clue what you'll make because you cannot fathom managing to clean up from the current meal. You are questioning why these people need to eat anyway since you fed them three meals the day before and are still exhausted from that. You realize you are out of everything but the store is far and requires corraling everyone to the car, loading them in the car, dragging them out of the car, dealing with them in the store, trying to pay with the baby's fingers poking up your nose, and then getting home and realizing you forgot to buy what you went out for in the first place. You go out anyway. You come home frazzled. You do not want to deal with the carload of groceries. The kids bicker. The school work is still unfinished. Your husband is not due home for hours. You imagine tomorrow will be strikingly similar to today.

     When days like this happen, what thoughts take shape in your mind? Hopelessness? Frustration? Anger? Resentment? If you are anything like me, these things cross your mind. If you are anything like me, these things do more than cross your mind. They consume your mind. And from that thought process we "shape our ills". We are short tempered with our kids for being kids. We lash out at our husbands because we are miserable and think that they should have to understand the injuries of our day. We sabatoge our family togetherness. We realize we are sooooo wrong for all of this and feel monstrous. And feeling monstrous brings up every insecurity and fault we have ever had. We despise our day. And the next day, and the next day...

     So...what if? What if we use our thoughts to "shape our joys"? What if, on a day like this one, we see how needed we are and decide to find that comforting? We are needed by people who trust us. We have the privilage of raising a family. We are depended on. It is hard. Brutal even. This controlled self denial. This finding compassion. This stretching patience. But it is BEAUTIFUL. It helps us feel beautiful too. Weary. Depleted. Beautiful. And when we think of this beauty, and act on those thoughts, and live by those actions that stem from those thoughts, everything around us seems sweeter because we are sweeter ourselves. Our days are hard (that does not change) but they are happy. 

     Mommy, remember. Remember, mind is the master. We shape our joys. Our surroundings and the little people entrusted to us are looking glasses that often reflect what we have cultivated inside ourselves.


  1. Thanks for this post....I like the idea of our thoughts shaping out joys. I will work on this.


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