The Shape of My Heart

I'm here with my confession
Got nothing to hide no more
I don't know where to start
But to show you the shape of my heart

I'm looking back on the things I've done
I never want to play the same old part
Or keep you in the dark
Now let me show you the shape of my heart

~Shape of My Heart by The Backstreet Boys

     Am I showing my vintage? Yes. I was a fangirl back in the day.

     Pandora played this song for me today and I had an "Ah ha" moment. 
     This blog has taken me to a new level of truth. Not to say that I wasn't honest or open before. But I had a certain level of reservation in sharing beyond my close circle. A hesitancy to be frank about myself. And that means I didn't always come off as the person I intended to be.

     I am purposed to show the shape of my heart without reservation. For better or for worse, being vulnerable, building bridges. Less wavering. Less doubting. Less anxiety. More deliberateness. More certainty. More authenticity.

     This post is for a person who has always encouraged me to write this blog. This person is struggling with the same thing but never fails to be my cheerleader anyway. Thank you for being you. Love you.

Writer's Note: In the interest of being authentic, my initial reaction was as follows.

     Stupid Backstreet Boys. Made me bawl in the car coming home from the store. "Momma, what's wrong with your weepy eyes?" Shrug it all off. Stupid Pandora. It doesn't know me. 

     But it does. 

     Oh snap.


  1. I know who this person is and I kind of adore her too. She just showed me your blog and I love it- love this post and love the way you put words together :) Can't wait to keep reading!

    1. She is pretty special. Thanks for the kind feedback! Thank you for following!


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