Who, What, Where, When, and Especially Why

     I am a former microbiologist/yoga instructor turned stay at home wife and mother. I pray often. I love my husband and our three kids. I tolerate the three dogs that live here because the rest of my family loves them. I homeschool my kids. I cook. I clean. I watch I Love Lucy and Downton Abbey. I love to read real live books with paper pages (I have tepid feelings for e-books). I grocery shop with gusto. I get downright girly over shoes and Lululemon (go figure, heels and yoga pants, one the complete antithesis of the other). I worry too much. I am Elizabeth. Here is my blog. Welcome readers! :)

     I have repeatedly received encouragement from friends and family to start a blog and share my words and photos with others. I have kicked around the idea for what seems like forever without actually doing anything about it. Well... I am finally venturing my hand at this blog thing. As I embark on this new journey of self sharing, I realize why I have never made the effort before and why I want to do this now.

     I balked when presented with the idea of beginning a blog for reasons I never really wanted to look squarely at. The biggest reason was fear. Fear that no one would care enough to read my thoughts. That, I felt, would be downright devestating. 

     But even more crippling was the fear that people would read my words and then make judgements without really knowing me. I valued the privacy that came with anonymity and the freedom from criticism that came with not putting myself "out there". I did not want to share beyond my Facebook page, that was controlled and limited to only friends and family. But, as I so often tell my kids, "We can't stop judgements but we can certainly stand them." Busted! No excuse there. 

     Another reservation came in the form of insecurity. As I pondered over what I would want to write about I asked myself, "Why exactly would anyone be at all interested in my opinion on anything? Do I really think I am that great of a cook? Is my way of homeschooling of interest to anyone at all? What kind of qualifications do I have for making suggestions to anyone else about how to run a household?" It was a long list of doubts. I am over holding onto insecurity like a security blanket. 

     I am publishing myself, not because I am an expert, not because I have life all figured out, not because I am any better than anyone else, but because possibly my way might appeal to someone who is looking for a way, because my words might put words to another's thoughts and help that person feel understood, because sharing our experiences, as alike or different as they may be, helps us to have compassion, and love, and understanding. 

     This blog serves several purposes. One, I enjoy writing about the random musings of my slightly addled mind. It's nice to have a thought provoking, creative outlet and an adult audience when my day to day life is generally filled with boogers, diapers, feeding people, cleaning up after feeding people, highschool with my highschooler, preschool with my preschooler, sippy cups, breaking up sibling feuds, and the like. Two, as a stay at home wife and mother I often feel alone and isolated from the rest of the world. How awesome to have a forum that reaches out beyond my little sphere of being! It is encouraging to know that there are others out there feeling the same feelings, and battling the same battles in the trenches right along with me. Or at least that someone is out there period. Three, FUN.

And so, dear readers, it begins. Not with a bang but with a long, deep sigh of relief (and a lot of editing).


  1. May God bless you as you set out on this journey dear friend. For me this will be an incredible and, no doubt, entertaining way of keeping up with you and yours. I believe that God provides us each a way to reach out and touch others. Given your way with words, I am not surprised that this is yours. I love you and look forward to more!

    1. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement! Love and hugs Caresse!

  2. Girl, I am comping at the bit for your next post! LOVE everything about this! Good for you for chasing your dreams!


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