Love Doesn't Have To Be Seen

Watch this short film with a box of tissues. A big box. 

     Take away message, love doesn't have to been seen. It doesn't have to come with fanfare, with big elaborate gestures, it doesn't even need to be made known to the recipient. 

"That's what true love is. It's more than a feeling. It's an action."

     Love is not just the grand and fluttery feelings that swell inside you when everything is perfectly perfect with someone. It is a consistent series of selfless actions. It is giving without expectation of appreciation or return. It is doing without needing to be to be recognized for doing. It is thinking of someone else before yourself not for the praise but for the simple fact that they are meaningful to you. 

     You can show love, do love, be love. Sometimes it flows so easily. Often it is harder and more painful than you ever imagined. It is draining. It is exhausting. It is frustrating. It is excruciating. It is BEAUTIFUL.

      Love manifests itself in so many ways. It is in asking an elderly neighbor if he needs something from the grocery store when you are out. It is cooking a meal for a friend who is ill. It is dropping a card in the mail to far away friends or relatives just to say hi. It is leaving your husband a mushy note in the lunch you packed him. It is watching the kids so your wife can go to yoga. It is bringing home take out when you know the cook of the family has had a long day. It is sitting up all night with your sick child. It is overlooking your teen's apathy and being enthusiastic anyway. It is apologizing when you are not wrong. It is everything you do for others, deserved or not, noticed or not, appreciated or not, wanted or not. Just offered regardless.

     "She won't ever know how much I do for her. And I don't ever need her to know. That's how I still love her. Even though she doesn't want me to." 

A complete sentence. 
The subject. 
The verb. 
The noun. 
The adjective. 
The whole story.