Getting Out of Yoga Pants

     So my sweet husband constructively suggested that I should buy these dresses and wear them. And that perhaps my wardrobe rotation should include less yoga pants. He didn't say this in a "on Wednesdays we wear pink" sort of way but in a "don't forget you're lovely" sort of way. Awww. Husband for the win.

     I am a mom of three so I am often tired, busy, thrown up on, snotted on, drooled on, pooped on, peed on, and chronically rushing through my morning ablutions. Plus, I actully practice yoga. So clearly yoga pants have their rightful place and make sense a good deal of the time.


     I realize, after being helped to the point, that I should wear real clothes more often. It helps me to remember that I am a person not just a mom. 

     And guess what? Maxi dresses are attractive, even semi dressy looking, and still COMFORTABLE!!! They might even be easier than yoga pants. Whoa! <whisper to myself> Did I just say that? Better than yoga pants? 

     Maxis. One piece versus two (pants and a top). Often stretch jersey knit. Flowy and forgiving. Available nearly everywhere, in every pattern and color, at every price point. Wash and wear. Easy! Maxi dresses score on all counts. Next time you need new clothes, pack your closet with maxi dresses.

In an homage to yoga pants (don't want them to feel like I have abandoned them) I give you this video.