Yeah Man That's the Good Stuff

     Kenny Chesney has a dandy little diddy about the good stuff. So many of our most positive thoughts come from small moments we share with the ones we love.

     There is so much negativity, animosity, anger, hurt, hatred...bad stuff. And it has a way of spreading quickly and easily. I've had some difficult issues pop up in the last week and it has been hard to get past them. But there is a treasure trove of the good stuff if we look for it. Let's dwell on that. The good stuff.

     Here is some of the good stuff I thought of today. The list would be longer but this is what I managed to type before my kids aka my good stuff needed me back from writer's world.

1.) The way my baby boy sits up in the morning, makes little cooing noises to let me know he's awake, explodes with happiness when he sees me coming to get him, and melts into the sweetest snuggle.

2.) The sight of the chubby cherub cheeks, and fingers, and toes, of my baby boy.

3.) The happy dance my 5 year old does when she thinks no one is looking.

4.) The corny knock knock jokes my 5 year old tells and usually gets all wrong.

5.) The stunning 1000 kilowatt smile of my teenager that she flashes at me when we share an inside joke.

6.) The way my teenager will say, "I love you" out of the blue and mean it.

7.) The way my husband still uses pick up lines on me and the way they still make me blush with girlishness.

8.) The way my husband notices little things like what I wear, how I do my hair, when I have put forth extra effort on dinner...

9.) The way my husband smiles his crooked grin and I still get butterflies.

10.) The way our whole family rolls their eyes at the 5 year old when she giggles because someone said 'butt' or 'but' or anything that sounds like it.

11.) Our dog Bridgette who is the biggest brat and biggest love bug I ever met. She is the most devoted pet I have ever had.

12.) The mommy friends I have who will always give me a hug and salute of solidarity in times of joy and struggle.

13.) The way writing feels like I have finally exhaled the breath I didn't know I had been holding.

14.) The way bed feels after a long day.

15.) The very essence of our weird, flawed, imperfect, beautiful family that somehow always makes it through rough patches together and how that endurance has given us an understanding that we are showing up for life and each other no matter what.

What is your good stuff today? 

How much have you focused on that? 


  1. What a good idea..making a list of the good stuff. My kiddos smiles are definitely on my list.


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