Back To (Home)school


     We're nearing the end of our summer break. Next week means back to homeschooling.

     I am at the stage where I am looking forward to getting some routine back to our days. I am excited about all the possibilites and ideas that the new school year brings. 

     I am fired up and ready to do ALL THE THINGS! Pinterest crafts, big art boards, weekly schedules, daily assignments, lists, worksheets, activites, learning games, field trips, scavenger hunts, science experiments, educational videos, get togethers, co-ops, etc. 

     We have ALL THE NEW SUPPLIES! Fun pens, markers, pencils, folders, notebooks, pencil cases, stacks of colored paper, stickers, glue sticks, flash cards, stacks and stacks of shiny new books with uncreased spines, and so on. And all of it has that new, never been used allure. We still know where everything is located and it is all ready to be utilized. A few months down the road and half the crayon sets will be missing colors, the lids will be gone from most of the markers, and no one will be able to find a pencil to save their lives.

     Right now I am at my best. Right now I am rested from 2 months of slack summertime living. Right now I am glad for more solid routine and structure. Right now.

Homeschooling means that sometimes the baby gets in on high school with the high schooler.

     I am nearly certain that it won't be long until I am counting the days to summer break again. Until I am limping through my teaching days. Until I am fed up with ALL THE THINGS.

     But right now. Just right now. I am basking in the excitement and anticipation.

     Whatever your schooling choices are (because different things work better for different families), I hope you and your kiddos have a fabulous start to a wonderful year. Love and hugs!


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