Break Barriers

She wasn't on the same level, she was not as strong, she couldn't walk as fast, she slowed him down, but she showed up. She had a place. A precious, precious place.
     What we have to have in common to be kind to each other...nothing.

     What we have to agree on in order to learn from each

     What we have to do exactly the same way as each

     How much we need to fundamentally change about each other...nada.

     How much we need each other for support...INFINITY.

     Being part of communities and families, this is what helps us learn, grow, love, and thrive. Instead of finding differences that divide us, let's find ways to unite, to contribute to each other, to build each other up. It might be as small as a smile to a stranger, or as commonplace as a hug for a friend. But break down the barriers that prevent you from making the effort to connect with another human. We all need the support. So show up. Unfailingly show up. Imperfections and all. You have a place.