Laughter Is the Best Medicine

     This sassy little fireball of mine always has me in stitches. Her silly antics, keen observations, offhanded comments, quirky questions, and exuberant exclamations are so funny. She can also tell a wild knock knock joke.

     The laugh of my baby girl always brightens my day. It so completely overtakes her, making her whole body shake, her eyes sparkle and squint, and her smile crinkle. Its just contagious.

     As is not entirely unusual in kids her age, she chuckles hysterically whenever she hears the words 'butt', 'hiney', 'bottom', 'toot' or anything that sounds like them. But the bathroom humor has soared to new levels. Her latest point of hilarity is to collapse in a pile of gasping giggles anytime she sees a port-a-potty. Yes. My little girlie girl finds them unmistakably funny. "Port-a-potty! Johnny On The Spot! Honey Bucket! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Yep.