"Just" a Homemaker

     Recently I was filling out some paperwork and was faced with a blank space labeled "Occupation". I wrote "Homemaker". 

     When I was discussing this paperwork I was asked to confirm that all the information was complete. And I got the dreaded, "Oh you're JUST a homemaker. No real job?"

     I use the term 'homemaker' because I feel like it encompasses what I am the best that any single word can. I am building a home for the people who live here. I am more than a housewife, because while I am a wife I am also a mother. I am more than a stay-at-home-mom because I am not only a mom but a wife as well. And as a wife and mother, I wear a few other hats. You've seen the memes. You live the life. You know. 

     And the people in my home know. They see. I wake those who do not want to get up, so I am an alarm clock. I kiss boo boos, clean cuts, pull splinters, take temeratures, dole out vitamins and medicine, and stay up all night caring for sick kids, so I am a nurse. I cook meals, lots of meals, so I am a chef. I clean everything from toilets to piles of dirty Legos, so I am a maid. I fix broken things like dolly arms and music boxes, so I am a handyman. I get tablets, DS games, and iPods out of funky unuseable modes, so I am tech support. I teach school lessons and life lessons, so I am a teacher. I wrestle little people into carseats and take them everywhere they need to go, so I am a chauffeur. I wrangle people to bed and make them stay there, so I am a warden. I listen to stories and I help manage feelings, so I am a counsellor. I coordinate birthday parties, playdates, picnics, school field trips, and outings, so I am an event planner. I dress people in the clothes that I have selected for them, and wedge chubby curled toes into small shoes, so I am a stylist. I braid hair, I tame cowlicks, and apply big bows so I am a hairdresser. I lock all the doors, turn on night lights, do bed checks, scare away closet monsters, and watch for cars when we cross the street, so I am a security guard.

      However, to the people outside my home, I am JUST a homemaker. I can even understand why they think that. They don't see what I am doing, because I don't do it for them. They see the nurses, teachers, security guards, etc that are paid to do their job and are serving the public. These people have "real jobs" and are recognized for it.

     ***Do not mistake what I am saying here. I APPRECIATE people with "real jobs". They do a REAL job. I need them. We all need them.***

     But I am doing something needed too. I am a whole bunch of things to a small group of people called my family. And I sincerely think that my little family is amazing. Everyone who is involved in some way with my people can benefit. I have served them so that they can serve others.

     I am a homemaker. Without the diminishing "just a..." in front of it. A fulfilled, legitimate, needed, meaningful, gainfully employed homemaker.


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