Yoga For Life

     After extended absences from my personal yoga practice, I am always amazed at the life-giving nature of quiet meditation and being kind to one's own body. Returns to practice make my feelings feel so shiny, and make my body feel rejuenated. Yoga can be such a valuable outlet for pure self reflection and refreshing self improvment.

     Today during my practice I had a light bulb moment. One which reminded me that yoga is not just practiced on the mat. 

     Our breath moves our practice and we follow our breath to optimize our poses. But sometimes holding a pose through a full inhale and waiting through a full exhale before moving on lets us feel the pose even more deeply. How true not just on the mat but in life as well. 

     Sometimes I am too hyper focused on what I need to do next. And rather than catch my breath and allow myself to exhale, I push forward and lose the pleasure of a moment. 

     Without an exhale it is impossible to inhale again. Allow yourself to appreciate the cleansing exhales as well as the life giving inhales. Each compliments the other. Each makes a way for the other. Notice them both. Allow them both.

     Yoga for mind. Yoga for body. Yoga for life.