Hold Your Beliefs Humbly

     Politics have always been divisive. But this political season seems to have engendered even more slippery shenanigans and nastiness than usual. It makes my stomach twist into knots, witnessing such mud slinging between party lines, within parties, among strangers, all over socal media, and between friends and family. 

    How easy it is to get sucked into a debate that turns ugly. Who we choose to follow is highly indicative of what is in our minds and hearts. We tend to support candidates whose policies, opinions, actions, words, and character most closely represent ours. Thus, political disagreements inevitably lead to disputes of religion, morals, and ethics. Suddenly what began as a difference of opinion becomes the beginning of hardness and hate.

     I have as many feelings and emotions about my beliefs as the next person. And I get incredibly incensed about certain things too. But I am realizing more and more how vitally important it is to hold my opinions and beliefs HUMBLY. To know exactly where I stand but yet be able to show love, grace, compassion, and kindness to others even if their stance is different than mine.

     Being kind does NOT compromise my beliefs. Saying edifying things instead of hurling insults does NOT mean I am not fighting for my beliefs. Showing grace does NOT mean I don't hold strongly to my beliefs.

     In fact I hold my beliefs so dearly that I want my actions and reactions to draw positive interest. I would rather respectfully disagree than spew venomous rhetoric and vile hatefulness until others would rather fight me to the death than join my side.

     Whatever your religious, political, moral, or ethical beliefs are HOLD THEM HUMBLY WITH A MIND OPEN ENOUGH TO LEARN MORE AND A HEART OPEN ENOUGH TO LOVE MORE.

     I am not exactly proficient at this. But I acknowledge the need to do a 180 and I understand that my weakness for needing to be right more so than loving will not serve me well. My heart is changing because my God grants fresh and undeserved grace every single day.

   Please use differences to break barriers (link to that post) rather than break each other. May you be blessed and be a blessing.