How To Be a President (Or a Wife and Mom)


     As it turns out, the list I compiled to gauge the suitability of presidential candidates can be directly applied to my role as a wife and mother. Leading a country, maintaining a family... it takes some internal fortitude.

My List
  • Speak with sincerity rather than with concern about what will make a better tweet or sound byte.
     My words to Hubby or to my kids should be more genuine in interest and concern. Instead of saying what will make them happy or get them to leave me alone, I should be using my voice to support them. Perhaps instead of responding to Hubby with, "Whatever you want honey," I should say something that acknowledges that I actually hear him, understand him, and respect his choice or opinion. He needs my support as much as I need his. And instead of, "Oh that's a pretty drawing/good job/nice cartwheel/etc," I should say something that shows I value the effort of my kiddos and that I appreciate them wanting me to see it. If I don't they may stop asking me to be involved in their lives.
  • Conduct themselves with dignity and respect for the role because the role itself represents the trust and confidence of those who voted to put them there.
     I was chosen to be in this role. I am a wife and mother because God and my husband trusted me with the job. I should be living in a way that shows I am grateful for where I am and who I have with me. I can do that in small ways. It doesn't take big gestures all the time. Having an inclination to give irritated and snippy responses is one thing I am guilty of and working to overcome. I'm terrible at this. But one better response at a time, maybe I will become known as the loving wife and mother rather than the witchy hag who snaps at everyone all the time.
  • Not out for ratings, shock and awe, or attention. But genuinely invested in constituents.
    I can't wife, parent, write, cook, clean, teach, live, or anything else for the approval of anyone other than God and my family. It feels like it matters what other people think and say but it doesn't. It really, really, really feels like it matters sometimes but it still doesn't.
  • Informed but not conformed.
     I have to be willing to be open to new information, new methods, new ideas, and new input but I can't let every single thing I hear or read change who I am and how I function. Learning a different way to dice mangos, finding improved curriculum, getting a new Pinterest craft or recipe, good. Feeling inferior to everyone on social media and running myself ragged to keep up, bad.

     Candidates, this is what I am looking for. Self, this is what we really have to work on.