The Blog Guild & Nordstrom's Anastasia of Beverly Hills Event

     The Blog Guild and Nordstrom partnered to host an Anastasia of Beverly Hills Brow and Contouring class. It was fab!

Scored some amazing loot. What a swag bag! Yep that's Chanel and La Mer.

    I am a harried suburban SAHM with more knowledge of fruit snacks and sippy cups than beauty products. Seriously. On a normal basis, I do some clumsy eyeliner and a swipe of lipgloss in the morning and barely have the time or the energy for that. Also because of some over zealous tweezing as a teenager, I have about 3 real eyebrow hairs. So I was quite skeptical about this business from the start.

     There is hope. Even for me. I was amazed that with a few demos and tips from the extremely gracious and knowledgeable ABH ladies I was able to apply the most complicated sounding array of products and actually have eyebrows, cheek bones, and a defined jaw line in minutes!

The Contouring Kit, Pro Pencil, Brow Wiz. and brush #20 (not pictured) were my fave products from the event.

     The products were lush, light, easy to apply, and affordable. And the pros were great about assisting and instructing. This experience was astronomically better than being shamed by snooty, commission hungry sales girls into spending too much on a bunch of products that I take home and have no idea how to use effectively. It was also much more informative than a YouTube or Periscope tutorial. Because while many of those ladies are bona fide artists and do a wonderful job of applying make-up, none of them have my exact face shape and features. Brows and contouring are heavily based on the individual.

     Anastasia's approach to brows with the Golden Ratio helped me to ensure that I had two proportional and even eyebrows that were just right for my face. And her 3 Zone technique for determining where to hightlight and where to shadow worked wonders for my ability to contour. Armed with these tools and a little practice I was able to apply brows and contouring and acheive a natural and professional look. No more heavily penciled Brooke Shields/Groucho Marx eyebrows. And no more Kim K. wannabe contouring.

     Anastasia of Beverly Hills products are so tailor made for the function that they perform. They are the just right items in every instance. The brushes and products help to create very impactful changes but keep your look natural not cakey or fakey. Once you learn the proper way to apply and get a little practice under your belt, even a make-up novice/no time mom can pull this off for an everyday sort of wear. Check out the ABH range at Nordstrom and call upon the ladies there to avail themselves of their useful tips. Worth it!