Where Life Happens

     The kitchen is purportedly the heart of the home and I can see that. It sometimes feels like I am always in there and everyone else is running through for one thing or another. But the longer I have a family, the more I have come to realize that this dining table is where so much of our life happens.

     Around this very table we have had many moments. Big moments, everyday moments. This is where it's usually going down. This is the happening spot. We have our meals here together, we sit and talk here, we do school lessons here, we hatch plans here, we have family summits here, we spread out our crafts here, we play games here, we put puzzles together here, we write letters here, we wrap gifts here, we have coffee here, we pay bills sitting here, we make budgets here, just all the things. And while we are doing all of this our life is unfolding. 

     This place is so much more than a convenient space to eat. We gather here as a family. We pull up more chairs and invite friends to come round and join in. We're learning about ourselves and each other in all of these mundane and fantastic moments.

      Today I am thinking of my dining room table and all that it represents. It represents the love, togetherness, and hospitality of our home. Here is the true heart. Here is the blessing.