It's 4:00 and I'm Tired

     It's 4:00 and I'm tired. This part of the afternoon often beats me up. I am mentally and physically drained from the day by this point but there are still sooooo many hours until reinforcement arrives/Daddy comes home. By now I have one foot dangling in a pool of unconsciousness and am struggling not to go crawl in bed and call it a day.

     Around this hour I am totaling up my day. It's mostly spent by now and so am I. But did I get anything accomplished yet? What does my To Do List look like? Enough crossed off? Not hardly. Probably too late to start anything now. Daaaaaaangit! I meant to get more finished.

     Usually at this point in the day I have already cooked, served, plead/bribed/ordered little people to eat, and cleaned up from breakfast and then the same for lunch so I am D.O.N.E. with the food thing, but I know I need to have a plan for dinner still. Sigh.

     Right now the kids who really needed a nap but fiercely fought it off are crashing hard and losing their ever loving minds.

     It's about now that the kids are just plain sick of Mean Mommy and are ready for Fun Daddy. But the "changing of the guard" can't happen yet as Fun Daddy is still firmly ensconced at work. Humpf. Work. Where it's reasonably quiet. There are other adults to talk to. No one is asking a million times for juice WHILE YOU ARE POURING IT.

     It's 4:15. And I'm tired. This right here is the witching hour, not midnight. Just ask anyone who has ever had to talk to me between the hours of 4 and 9.