Reasons I Have Hidden From My Children

1.) Little Miss swiped Little Man's nose. He chased her around the house screaming for it back and because she didn't think he was bawling loudly enough she threw his nose out the window.

2.) Little Man smashed Little Miss' Lego creation. Repeatedly. With malicious glee.

3.) Little Man screamed endlessly because, during the course of their tea party, Little Miss poured out his pretend tea.

4.) Little Man wailed incessantly that, "Sissy hurt my finger!" What actually occurred was he poked Little Miss in the eyeball because she yelled at him for banging her porcelain tea cup. So Little Miss was sobbing too and clutching her eye like she might be permanently blinded. Both refused to be comforted. Then both insisted on being comforted at the same time and a shoving match on my lap ensued.

5.) Little Miss dared Little Man to headbutt the basketball she was holding. They both ended up on the floor crying when he actually did it.

6.) Little Man discovered that if he screams the word 'butt' at the top of his lungs Little Miss will convulse with laughter and I will glower at them.

Because of these things and more I love my darlings. They make my life interesting and eventful in ways I could never do on my own. But it wears on a gal. So occasionally I hide and eat chocolate. 


  1. I am forcing the boys to nap today...even the 9 year old. I may have just read this while stuffing my face with giant marshmallows. Apparently it's been one of those days!!!


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