The Best Mom Bag!

There is no question that my status as a SAHM plays a large role in my wardrobe choices. I love following glamorous and trend setting accounts on social media. It's fun to look at perfectly styled outfits. But so many of the outfits, while absolutely gorgeous, are not realistic for my particular needs. I love pretty things just as much as the next girl but whatever I wear has to also be functional for my life. Accessories included.

After graduating from a diaper bag, I transitioned to a servicable black backpack. It was easy to sling over my shoulder and roomy enough to hold all of the items I needed when heading out with littles. It was servicable but it didn't get my heartstrings strumming. 

This season I saw the Rebecca Minkoff 'Julian' backpack on several of my favorite style bloggers. I instantly fell in love with its roominess, slouchy chic shape, versatility, and cute zipper pockets. It was useful AND gorgeous in the details! 


Of course there's a but. 

The price of the large one was not within my budget. 


A few weeks later, after I had sufficient time to curse my "ugly" backpack, I came across a wonderful surprise on Amazon. A dupe bag priced at under $40! It has the same shape and lovely details that attracted me to the original. The exterior is faux leather and the interior has a fabric lining with a darling print. There are several color choices but grey is for me. It needed to be aired out for a while after I unpacked it from the shipping box but it has been everything I wanted in a bag.

I was quite happy with this find so I am sharing it with you guys! Click here for direct link.

Happy shopping!


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